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Weekly Communication


  • Daily Bread: II Timothy 4:1-8

  • Verses to memorize: II Timothy 4:6-8

Weekly Meetings/Activities:

  • Home Meeting: Friday 7:30pm, LOC to be announced by email

  • YP Meeting: Saturday 6-8:30pm House of Jiali & Eric

  • Lord’s Table meeting: Sunday 10am 


  • Churches in North America 2023 Winter Training (Link

    • Date: 12/23-27, 2023

    • Location: The Church in Cleveland 

    • Registration: Louis Gau, by Dec 3.

Burden for Prayer:

  • For Brother Kuan Guo’s recovery. Praise the Lord! Brother Guo's major symptoms have all been healed, and he is currently undergoing physical therapy to regain strength in his leg muscles.

  • For Brother Benjamin Sheu. Brother Benjamin Sheu, son of Kurt Sheu, and his family moved to Sydney, Australia, to

  • serve the Lord full time there.

  • For our pursuit of “II Timothy”

  • For YP and serving ones

  • Hall 2 expansion project and Sale of Hall 1


  • Dianna, daughter of Brother ZQ and Sister Shufen, welcomed baby Asher on Nov. 15th, weighing 8 lbs 6 oz. Both are well! Congratulations to Dianna and the new grandparents, ZQ and Shufen! Praise the Lord! May the Lord bless little Asher!

  • Sister Aivilis passed all her tests for work and started training last week. Praise the Lord!

  • We will be pursuing II Timothy in the upcoming months, of which the schedule is provided via this link.

  • A new “Prayer Request” page has been introduced on the church’s website. Please check it out at

  • Chapters 1 through 3 of the book "First fruits and Harvest" with its Chinese translation by Brother Song are available at the following links: Chapt 1; Chapt 2; Chapt 3.

  • YP Meeting Hosts for November 2023

    • 11/4 Hua Hui

    • 11/11 Lydia

    • 11/18 Wang Hui

    • 11/25 Jiali

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